Setšong Tea Crafters is an Award Winning Agri-business and vehicle for beneficiation of indigenous flora found indigenously in the natural landscapes of South Africa, more prominently within the rural areas of Limpopo.

South Africa is the 3rd most Bio-diverse country in the world, with many of its biological resources existing within rural landscapes. South Africa is also a country riddled with high rates of unemployment, with most of the unemployed residing predominately within the very same rural communities.

Through Tea product manufacturing and commercialisation of South Africa's indigenous resources which stem from traditional knowledge, Setšong Tea Crafters aims to develop the rural economy and create jobs within the rural areas of South Africa. Setšong Tea Crafters has already created 20 jobs in rural Sekhukhune, Limpopo.

Setšong Tea Crafters is a 100% black-owned Company comprising of youth and women. The company stimulates the economy in a collaboration with rural cooperatives developed by a community development organization; Siyaphila Youth Support Services.

The unique indigenous tea plants identified by Setšong Tea Crafters have proved to stand a chance at competing with existing global tea varieties with them offering unique and enjoyable taste profiles and superior health benefits.

The tea varieties identified have been consumed for over five generations by the elderly members of  the Bapedi tribe inSekhukhune which results in a great deal of history and heritage being associated with this tea range.

Setšong Tea Crafters has won the following awards based on its inclusive business model and innovation:

  • Most Progressive SMME by Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce - Global Business Accelerator
  • Bio-Entrepreneur of the year by AfricBio
  • Top Female Run Enterprise at the SA Innovation Summit - SEDA Pitch and Perfect Competition
  • 2nd Runner up in Agro-processing at the Eskom Business Investment Competition


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